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About us
Echo provides quality translation services in over 170 languages, including most of all European and Asian languages. Our team of handpicked linguists are native language professionals who are experts in subject areas such as technical, medical, legal and financial.

Founded over several years ago, Echo rapidly became a leading service provider and is now indisputably one of the largest translation companies . Echo’s success has been built on its rigorous implementation of quality control systems and substantial investment in human resource.

Echo currently counts several dozen full-time translators and one hundred or more contracted translators who specialized in law, commerce, finance, electronics, communication, engineering, medicine, and other fields. Echo’s expert lineup is the strongest in the industry and is backed up by a core management team whose members all have extensive experience in the translation sector.

Echo operates in a premier marketplace - most clients are world-class businesses at the head of their fields. More than 50% of Echo's translation cases come from first-rate domestic and international companies, most of them from the world’s top 500 companies.

Our translation service covers:
Accounting, legal work, training texts, e-Learning, standards, marketing, etc.
Manufacturing techniques, energy, environment, high-technology, materials, frontier fields, etc.
Semiconductors, semiconductor materials, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and semiconductor test equipment
Automobiles, auto parts (engine drive trains, electric components, environment, safety, communications), etc.
Pharmaceutical and Medical
Medical science, pharmaceutical science, chemistry, biology, bioscience, drug manufacturing, medical equipment, veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals, etc.
Banking, bonds, financial services, nonlife insurance, life insurance, etc.
Various types of contracts (license agreements, confidentiality agreements, sales agreements, etc.), legal proceedings, etc.